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TMpilates offers a variety of online wellbeing classes to help strengthen the body in different ways. Detailed direction is provided so they are easy to follow, and numbers are limited so that the best possible care and attention can be provided to each client.

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We are excited to introduce our new Video Library with a variety of pre-recorded classes which you can avail at the time that best suits you.

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importance of movement

Our classes re-educate and re-balance the body, promoting natural ease of movement and releasing tension and strain. Throughout each movement, the focus is on good postural alignment, efficient breathing and use of the deep core muscles that stabilise and give support to the body.

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meet your teacher

I’m Thérese and I am passionate about movement, health and well-being. I started my journey as a massage therapist and over the years I have added in disciplines that I believe have benefited my own health and well-being, and that of my clients. We are all unique with individual body patterns, but we all need to stretch, strengthen and tone in a way that works for us. Training as a Pilates Instructor and incorporating Kinaesthetic Movement and Fascial Slings has given me a great understanding of the body and enables me to teach and help my clients to achieve what their body most needs - all in a safe and purposeful manner.