Jane Glynn's headshotJane Glynn

I was delighted when Thérese moved her practice online for lockdown. Thérese is a ray of sunshine that now beams into my home on the cloudiest of days or on a dark winter’s evening. I now have no excuses and instead have a choice of class times to choose from so I can attend classes wherever I am! Thérese is engaging, never complacent and is always in tune with her clients. Classes are fresh and varied. I certainly don’t miss travelling on dark lonely roads to evening classes any more.

Turlough Johnston's headshotTurlough Johnston

I contacted Thérese as I was due to have a full knee replacement. She worked with me privately using Pilates machines (reformer and cadillac) for 9 weeks prior to my surgery. I felt so strong before the operation that I wondered if I even needed it - however with bone moving on bone it had to be done. I continued working with Thérese post-surgery and now after a 6 month check in, I was told by my Surgeon Mr. Stuart Edwards that I am doing exceptionally well compared to some others who had surgery before me. I cannot recommend strongly enough to do Pilates if you are having surgery - I would never have achieved this on my own.

Dr. Kathy Fulcher's headshotDr. Kathy FulcherHealth and Wellbeing Programme ManagerUlster Bank Ireland

Thérese took on the double challenge of Zoom classes in a mixed ability corporate setting as part of the Ulster Bank Wellbeing Programme. With regularly changing abilities and experience, Thérese showed her depth and knowledge in constantly adapting to the groups needs. She is always able to modify and encourage as needed, so that all participants are challenged at the right level for them.